Hello I’m Kate, an illustrator and designer based in Norfolk, England. . . and I’m so glad you’re here.
In my teens I was always painting, doodling or stitching something, anything.
At Uni I honed my fabric and textile design skills. I left with a BA Hons degree in hand
and started tinkering with fabric printing and detailed illustrations that quickly became popular
(friends and family being my main customers!)
Fast forward to 2014 when I became a partner with Not On The High Street,
selling my wares for a bit of extra cash alongside my day job. (If you haven’t heard
of Not On The High Street go take a look, it’s brilliant with some fantastic products).
In a crazily short space of time I then got married, bought a house with my hubby and had a baby.
But, more nerve-wracking than all of the above, and i mean ALL – I decided to quit my day job!
Mama duties ensued and Kate Daniels Design was born.
I opened the doors to my online shop in 2018 and I haven’t looked back since.
My range of designs may have grown from my first collection of pen and ink illustrations, but the intent is still
the same, to turn hand drawn designs into lovely things for thoughtful people.